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Project Description
ICE is a .NET based plugin engine which makes it easy to create plugins for running as system services for the purpose of performing interfacing related tasks.

(Note: Allthough the initial focus is on interfacing tasks, the ICE system is a great way to implement a plugin based architecture into your apps!)

Many large institutions, such as hospitals, routinely deal with various 3rd-party systems that need to "talk" to each other. This usually involves copying and translating text file data, updating databases, sending email alerts, network transmission, and more.

The ICE system contains .NET interfaces which allow the easy creation of plugins that can be loaded by the engine, allowing the plugins to run under a Windows service with little effort. Multiple channels can be created, which allow a single input sources (plugins) to feed multiple output destinations (also plugins). Instead of inputs and outputs, each channel can also be a simple solo task - for instance, simply copying files. Multiple interfacing channels can be created to run in parallel do deal with multiple systems as required. There are plans to also create a console UI to help manage the engine as well.

The system is being built upon the DreamSpace development framework.

Project Status
Currently a work in progress - the code is being refactored to implement a new design.

The license is LGPL, for open source usage only. That means you can use the unmodified code or binaries in any work (commercial or otherwise); however, you have to provide the full source to your app if you modify the code (which means you can no longer use it for commercial purposes, and you have to state you modified it).

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